Dutch Labour politician: there should be Iraq war investigation

In this cartoon, Balkenende asks Bush, Are you going to tell me another fairytale, Uncle George?

Tonight, there was a discussion on Dutch TV program NOVA on the new coalition government, to be formed after the November 2006 elections.

There is no new government, with new ministers, yet.

However, there is a draft coalition program, between two parties (CDA of outgoing Prime Minister Balkenende, and PvdA (Labour)) who lost in the elections, plus a small party, the Christian Union, who won three seats.

This program does not include an investigation into Balkenende’s decision to support George W Bush’s Iraq war.

In its election campaign, the PvdA has asked for such an investigation.

Dutch Labour politician Jan Pronk said in NOVA: “there should be an Iraq war investigation.

My party, the PvdA, makes a mistake by not insisting on that.

Balkenende himself should not have opposed that investigation.

As he now will keep having a reputation of lying to join a war” based on lies.

5 thoughts on “Dutch Labour politician: there should be Iraq war investigation

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