New ecotourism centre in Bolivia

Red fronted macawFrom BirdLife:

Rare parrot draws in celebrities at ecotourism centre launch


Miss Bolivia 2006 was among those attending celebrations for the opening of a new ecotourism centre in the country.

The centre is part of a conservation program focusing on the Red-fronted Macaw Ara rubrogenys, being undertaken by Armonia (BirdLife in Bolivia). …

The Ecotourism Cabin is situated in one of the natural habitats of the parrot, alongside other endemic birds like Cliff Parakeet Myiopsitta monachus luchsi and Bolivian Blackbird Oreopsar bolivianus, both of which breed on the cliff face with Red-fronted Macaw.

The Cabin will offer visitors a chance to see and learn more about the birds and their habitats at close quarters.

Also from BirdLife:

Law enforcement fails Bolivia’s parrots


In a recently published paper, Asociacion Armonia (BirdLife in Bolivia) monitored the wild birds which passed through a pet market in Santa Cruz between August 2004 to July 2005, and recorded nearly 7,300 individuals of 31 parrot species, of which four were threatened species.

Bolivia-Brazil border area dam plans: here.

BirdLife Partners in the United States, Bahamas, Belize and Paraguay are clubbing together to promote ecotourism in places where poverty overlaps with Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas (IBAs), a pioneering project that will enrich these areas for both people and nature: here.


Rare mosses found in The Netherlands

Bryum warneum

According to Dutch daily Leidsch Dagblad, two rare moss species have been discovered in nature reserve Langeveld.

They are Bryum knowltonii and Bryum warneum, both north European species.

Moss and other plant evolution: here.