New insect and sponge species discovered in Tasmania

Lake PedderFrom the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

New species discovered at Lake Pedder

Species predating the dinosaurs have been discovered in the frigid waters of Lake Pedder, in south-west Tasmania.

The lake has been the subject of long-running debate over its flooding by the Hydro in the 1970s.

Retired professors Andrew Osborn and Nigel Forteath were first lured to Lake Pedder by their love of fishing.

Over the years they have since discovered a new genus and two new species of mayfly, along with a new species of freshwater sponge and sponge fly.

They are also about to rename another mayfly, incorrectly identified in 1912.

Tasmania: video on short-tailed shearwaters.

3 thoughts on “New insect and sponge species discovered in Tasmania

  1. Will the newly discovered mayfly live with global warming? Is there any photographs with the three mutating forms?
    Can you send me some mayflies so I can scan them on a high resolution for my art work?
    Cheers, Sarah


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