Big pro peace demonstration in Washington DC, USA today

This video from the USA is described as ‘Antiwar protest taking place in Washington DC on January 27, 2007.’ Hiphop caucus, Jesse Jackson, Sean Penn and others protest against US occupation of Iraq.’

Today, there is a big demonstration against the Iraq war, in Washington, DC, capital of the USA.

Site of the organizers: here.

2 thoughts on “Big pro peace demonstration in Washington DC, USA today

  1. *AP: U.S. military provided false account of soldiers’ deaths*
    Posted by: “hapi22” robinsegg
    Fri Jan 26, 2007 1:56 pm (PST)
    Why does our government lie to us?

    Why does our military lie to us?

    And, yeah, it sure sounds like Bush’s “way forward” is going to work
    – – –

    Nancy Pelosi reported on a meeting she had at the White House recently.
    Pelosi said she asked Bush why he thought this “surge” would work, this
    time, when two earlier “surges” had failed. Bush responded: “Because I
    told them it had to.”

    Oh, hell, why didn’t I think of that? If Bush WANTS something to happen,
    it will .

    Yeah, right … we see how well that has all worked out so far, haven’t

    Bush inherited peace, prosperity a balanced budget, and even a surplus.

    With his mindless invasion of Iraq and his unconscionable tax cuts for
    the wealthy, Bush has changed all that into a negative for America (and
    the world).

    But Bush wants us to give him another chance? Not on your life.


    *AP: U.S. military provided false account of soldiers’ deaths*

    by Tim Grieve
    Jan. 26, 2007

    When insurgents disguised as American troops attacked an Iraqi
    government facility in Karbala last weekend, the U.S. military issued a
    statement in which it said that five U.S. soldiers had been killed while
    “repelling” the attack. A U.S. military spokesman specifically denied a
    report that some U.S. soldiers had been kidnapped.

    Like so much the government has said about the war in Iraq, that wasn’t
    exactly true. As the Associated Press reports, Iraqi officials and two
    senior U.S. military officials now say that four of the five U.S.
    soldiers who died were in fact “captured and taken away from the
    governor’s compound alive.”

    The Americans were found later in locations as far as 25 miles away from
    the attack, the AP says. Three were already dead, and one was suffering
    injuries from which he subsequently died. While U.S. officials tell the
    AP that they can’t be sure when or where the soldiers suffered their
    mortal injuries, Iraqi officials say they believe the troops were killed
    just before the attackers abandoned the black Suburbans they had used to
    conduct the raid.

    There’s no official explanation from the military yet, and it seems
    unlikely that we’ll get one soon. As the AP explains, “The new
    information has emerged after nearly a week of inquiries. The U.S.
    military in Baghdad repeatedly declined comment on reports that began
    emerging from Iraqi government and military officials which suggested a
    MAJOR BREAKDOWN in security at [the] Karbala site.”

    Read this WITH LINKS at:


  2. Support Legislation to END the War!
    Posted by: “” citizen27106
    Sat Jan 27, 2007 1:48 am (PST)

    “Non-binding” resolutions are not enough to stop the war plans of a President who apparently doesn’t even consider the Constitution to be binding!

    Please click on the link below – or paste it into your browser – to send your Representative a quick email telling them that the need to support legislation to actually END the war – specifically H.R. 508, the “Bring the Troops Home and Iraqi Sovereignty Act of 2007.” These people in Congress have got to hear everyone of us demanding that they not simply “disapprove” of the war – they have to end it, and stop a President who will listen to no one!


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