Bush’s Iraq war and ancient Athens’ lost Sicily war

Bush and Iraq, cartoon

From About Ancient / Classical History:

The Iraq War and the Sicilian Campaign

The Rogue Classicist noted an interesting article, by Brent T. Ranalli in The Globalist showing parallels between the modern war in Iraq and the the Athenian-led Sicilian Campaign of the Peloponnesian War in 415 B.C.

In The Iraq War and the Sicilian Campaign, Brent T. Ranalli says that there are 10 important areas of similarities between the two campaigns:

1. Motives as a parallel
2. Unilateralism
3. Inadequate preparation
4. Guerilla warfare
5. Inability to secure borders and supply chains
6. The hearts and minds
7. Taking advantage of a weak enemy
8. Creating foes out of friends
9. Waiting too long
10. Loss of faith

The Sicilian campaign is the one where a large fleet of Athenian and allied ships set sail for Sicily under the command of Alcibiades.

A few days later, Alcibiades was recalled to answer charges of sacrilege.

Bush, Genghis Khan, and Iraq: here.

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3 thoughts on “Bush’s Iraq war and ancient Athens’ lost Sicily war

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