Women of Israel pay price for the government’s war

Women march in Israel, April 2001

From Ynet in Israel:

Women pay price of war

Failure to increase minimum wage could cost monthly NIS 600; 75 percent of minimum wage earners are women

David Regev

Published: 01.21.07, 10:53

Israeli women will be the ones to suffer financially following the second Lebanon war, according to a recent study conducted by the Adva Center.

In order to fund the war, the government implemented budget cuts and froze social-welfare programs.

For example, the decision not to raise the minimum wage will cost these wage earners, mainly women, up to NIS 600 (USD 142) a month.

Seventy-five percent of the work force earning the minimum wage are women.

The Women’s Budget Forum, which commissioned the study, called for the government to grant women in the North a “civil allowance” amounting to one month’s minimum wage.

5 thoughts on “Women of Israel pay price for the government’s war

  1. Fortress, or peace

    Email updates March 3, 2007
    TOI-Billboard in cooperation with Occupation Magazine

    The weeklong hell created in Nablus does not attract too much attention in Israel where the public was once more treated to juicy scandals: a would-be minister caught red-handed lying on TV about her (non-existent] academic qualifications, and yet another corruption revelation involving PM Olmert, who starts showing signs of collapse. This could lead to a change of government. Virtually any change seems welcome with the rottenness of the system paralyzing the present leadership’s good intentions – if any.

    Today’s Occupation Magazine new articles:

    Three residents injured, two taken prisoner in Nablus
    Saed Bannoura – IMEMC – On Wednesday, the army announced that “Operation Hot Winter” was concluded in Nablus, but kept several roadblocks in the city and reinvaded it. [NB: This reinvasion in which Isam Al Bakry, 19, lost his left arm happens during the Purim Holiday Closure declared by Defence Minister Amir Peretz [ed.]

    We also target civilians
    Idan Landau – Ynet – Why did the IDF impose a siege on the government hospital in Nablus and prevent wounded Palestinians from being taken there? Why does the IDF take over a school and turn it into a Shin Bet interrogation center? What was the sin committed by Anan al-Tabibi, who was shot in the head by a sniper while in his own backyard? Again, illogical questions. We have a war, and in war there is no reason to be strict when it comes to respecting life of civilians. The thing is, this is untrue. This is not a war, but rather, a unilateral invasion into a Palestinian town (…)

    ‘ When they took us… they did not even look at our IDs.’
    Nablus youngster`s diary – palsolidarity.org – (…) they told all the women, children and those over 30 to go back home, and kept just us, the youth. They put some blindfolds on our eyes, and tied our hands behind our backs with some very painful plastic cuffs. After that, we were moved to some stores in the street, which were opened, destroyed and converted to prisons. (…)

    see also:
    Jaffa protest march against Nablus invasion
    Adam Keller report on a spontaneous protest Monday, 26.2

    After Nablus incursion Sinn Fein calls for sanctions
    Sinn Fein Press Release – electronicintifada.net – This government should set the right example and send the right message by lifting sanctions on Palestine and imposing them on Israel.”

    Haaretz: Israel expects Arab League to improve the Saudi peace plan
    Aluf Benn – Haaretz – [FM] Livni said that the original draft presented by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia “was, in my view, positive.” That draft called for a full Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 borders in exchange for peace and normalization with the entire Arab world. “Admittedly, the initiative spoke of the 1967 lines, but I only wish we were in a situation in which the conflict was just a border dispute,” she added.


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