Tony Blair refuses to save historic huts in Antarctica


From the New Zealand Herald:

UK refuses to help save historic huts in Antarctica

Monday January 22, 2007

By Claire Harvey

Antarctica’s historic treasures, the century-old huts of British explorers Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton, are under threat because Britain is refusing to help fund their preservation, say Sir Edmund Hillary and Helen Clark.

The Prime Minister has twice approached British PM Tony Blair over the remaining $9 million needed for crucial work on saving the huts from Antarctica’s fierce weather.

The $7 million cost of work so far has been borne by the New Zealand Government and the Antarctic Heritage Trust, which seeks donations from private and corporate philanthropists such as the Getty Foundation in the United States.

Paul East, QC, chairman of the trust – a fundraising agency created by the NZ Government – said the Scott hut‘s condition was critical.

Tony Blair prefers to spend money on bombing huts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

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