Ireland: British government hand in glove with sectarian terrorism

Anti colliusion in Ireland

From The Post in Ireland:

The British government today ruled out calls for a public inquiry in the North into allegations that [British government police] Special Branch officers colluded in covering up murders by loyalist [sectarian extreme Protestant] informers.

Following the release of a damning report by Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan which claimed Special Branch failed to act against informers in an Ulster Volunteer Force gang who may have carried out as many as 15 murders, Northern Secretary Peter Hain said he hoped it would help bring those responsible to the courts.

However, he rejected calls from the family of Raymond McCord Jnr – whose 1997 murder on the outskirts of Belfast sparked the Ombudsman’s investigation – for an independent judicial inquiry into all allegations of collusion.

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Of course, Mr Hain, as a truly ‘loyalist’ minister of Tony Blair’s government, is opposed to an independent inquiry into collusion by the British government with murderous sectarian terrorists.

It just might make people curious about other cases of collusion by the British government, and/or their US allies, with terrorists, including in former Yugoslavia (where the US State Department considered the “Kosova Liberation Army” “terrorists”, but the US state armed them nevertheless); the Taleban and similar groups in Afghanistan; in connection with the Abramoff scandal; etc.

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