Birds and other animals of Madagascar wetlands

Madagascar teal

From BirdLife:

One of Madagascar’s most spectacular wildlife areas – almost 3,000 km2 of tropical wetlands, forests, savannas and caves – is to be protected by law. …

The decree came into effect this week.

The Mahavavy-Kinkony Wetlands hold all of the wetland bird species found in Western Madagascar, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

They represent key habitats for Madagascar Teal, Sakalava Rail, Madagascar Sacred Ibis and Madagascar Pond Heron.

The wetlands are also one of the last refuges for Madagascar Fish Eagle, a Critically Endangered bird of prey with a population of just 220 birds.

The newly protected area also holds vitally important populations of other threatened species like the Critically Endangered lemur, Crowned Sifaka Propithecus (verreauxi) coronatus, and the Madagascar Big-headed Turtle Erymnochelys madagascariensis.

17 thoughts on “Birds and other animals of Madagascar wetlands

  1. This is a terrible website.It doesnt even show the name of that beautiful bird.Whoever created this website is a dumb butt(in theoretical terms of course 😉 So whatever you do never create another website for as long as you live.I give this an absolute thumbs DOWN!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hi shinna monta, do you have a computer mouse? If you move it over the bird picture, it shows the caption “Madagascar teal”. Both in Microsoft Explorer and in Firefox. And please stop using fake URL’s which I have to remove.


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