The trial of Tony Blair; complete video on the Internet

Bush and Blair in Iraq, cartoon by Steve Bell

From Neil Williams’ blog in Britain:

Thanks to our friends at Couchstripper Forum we have a link [scroll down] to the full Trial of Tony Blair Video as shown on Channel 4 (this is the only link available so far in the World to the full video – thank you Couchstripper Forum!).


The Trial of Tony Blair

First shown: M4 15 Jan 10pm; C4 18 Jan 10pm; M4 Sat 20 Jan 9pm.

Biting feature-length satire portraying the private travails of the Prime Minister as he leaves office after more than a decade in power.

Read viewers’ comments

It is some time in the future.

Gordon Brown is moving in.

President Clinton is looking for her second term in the White House.

And Tony Blair has swapped the corridors of power for carpet swatches in his home in Connaught Square.

But some things don’t change: in Iraq there’s no let-up to the daily death toll and the ex-PM is as obsessed as ever with his legacy.

The cast

Robert Lindsay returns to the role of Tony Blair, with Phoebe Nicholls as Cherie Blair, Peter Mullan as Gordon Brown and Alexander Armstrong as David Cameron.

Says writer Alistair Beaton: “I gather Mr Blair is very concerned about his place in history.

This film is my idea of where that place might be. Whether it’s fiction or prediction remains to be seen.”

Blair and the Iraq war, cartoon by Martin Rowson

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