News on ancient Egypt

Predynastic Egyptian vessel depicting boatFrom Egyptology News:

Boats of Egypt before the Old Kingdom

Steve Vinson’s 1987 M.A. Dissertation.

Takes a while to load, and there over 300 pages: “The origin and development of planked boats in Pre- and Early Dynastic Egypt is explored through an examination of representational art, the Predynastic environment, the development of tools and woodworking and direct archaeological evidence for boats including boat burials and surviving fragments.

The use and range of early boats are examined through the archaeological evidence for trade within and beyond the Nile Valley”.

Tell el-Dab’a

The site has now been positively identified as Avaris, capital of the Hyksos in the Second Intermediate period.

It is quite a small site but there are some very fine diagrams and photographs, as well as a good history and a bibliography.

Photographing the Mestekawi Cave’s rock art

Slideshow of photographs from the Mestekawi Cave‘s rock paintings in the Gilf Kebir.

Egyptian child gods depicted: here.

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