Dutch landscape painter Jan Voerman remembered

This Dutch video is about Jan Voerman, and other painters inspired by the river Ijssel.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

KAMPEN – [The towns in the eastern Netherlands] Kampen, Hattem and Zwolle this year remember that Jan Voerman was born 150 years ago.

This painter was especially known from his views of the IJssel river, both in oil and aquarelle, with a main role for changes in light and sky.

The Stedelijk Museum in Kampen, the town where Voerman was born in 1857, starts the jubilee on 27 January.

Until 12 May, there will be an extensive exhibition of the artist’s works, from the museum’s own collection, private collections, and various other collections.

In 1902, the textile workers of Enschede city were on strike. Socialist artists like Rik Roland Holst (husband of Henriette Roland Holst) and the poet Herman Gorter founded a committee ‘Art for Enschede’ to support the workers. Painters, including Voerman, gave works to sell, the money benefiting the strikers.

In the early twentieth century, Jan Voerman was asked to make, apart from his big paintings, small illustrations for the Verkade albums.

This series, mainly on Dutch scenery and natural history, became famous, with authors like Jac. P. Thijsse.

Voerman left that work to his son, also called Jan Voerman.

Verkade album cover by Jan Voerman Jr.

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