Ancient temple discovered in Bangladesh

This video is called Exhibition of Bangladesh Archaeology at Guimet Museum, Paris.

From The Daily Star in Bangladesh:

1,500-yr old temple discovered

Monday, January 15,2007

DHAKA: The remains of an old temple have been discovered at Behar Dhap of Shibganj upazila in Bogra recently, according to the officials of the department of archaeology.

Regional Director (RD) of the Department of Archaeology Rajshahi Division Abdul Khaleque said the temple was built during pre-Pal period.

The temple is more than 1,500 years old and it is situated close to Basu Behar, one of the most important archaeological sites in the country, and about four kilometres west of Mahasthangarh.

Khaleque said a large number of antiques including terracotta bricks, iron nails and clay bowls have been dug up during the excavation.

The lower part of the temple was decorated with arch shaped panels of terracotta and terracotta bricks. At least 60 such bricks have been found.

The structure of a small room was also discovered. A lawn like space was discovered in front of the small room. It is presumed that the small room was used for keeping the idol.

Beside the lawn, nine brick-built steps with railing on both sides have been discovered.

The lower part of the temple was decorated in three stages with terracotta and ornamental bricks.

The RD said the entire structure of the temple is likely to be excavated at the end of February this year if the excavation work goes on smoothly. The work started last December.

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