Blair won’t let Iraqi MP who exposed torture into Britain

This is a video of Abu Ghraib, Iraq, torture photos.

From the RESPECT site in Britain:

Whistleblower Iraqi MP refused entry to Britain


The Iraqi MP who exposed prisoner abuse, including torture, rape and murder has today been refused entry into Britain.

Mohammed Al Deeni, an independent member of the parliament frequently described by British ministers as the most democratic in Iraqi history, wanted to address a meeting in the House of Commons as part of his ongoing efforts to highlight human rights abuses in Iraqi jails.

The Iraqi himself has been the target of sectarian death squads.

Within days of his groundbreaking documentary from Diyala prison being shown around the world, the MP’s 10 cousins were murdered in cold blood on the street having been seized from a minibus following a meeting with him.

His visa application was turned down in record time by British embassy in Jordan.

Embassy officials declined to give their reasons to the British parliamentarians who had invited him.

George Galloway MP, one of the organisers of the visit, said:

“We say we are a democracy. Our prime minister says they are a democracy. Yet when an Iraqi MP wants to speak to his counterparts in Britain about inconvenient truths he’s not allowed into Britain.

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6 thoughts on “Blair won’t let Iraqi MP who exposed torture into Britain

  1. Disgraceful for the UK. You should be happy that the torture was exposed, bad press, but overall…isnt it beneficial for all human race…to see the torture, what cold blooded humans can do to each other?
    Shove a bag over your head, you’re a prisoner…shove a suit on…and you’re god.


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