Animals of Kufri park in India

Monal pheasantFrom Big News Network:

29 Himachal animals await adoption


Thursday 11th January, 2007

Many wild animals in a Himachal Pradesh nature park have found sponsors, but officials say more of them need to be adopted.

The scenic Kufri park, 16 km uphill from Shimla, is home to over five dozen high altitude rare and endangered animals as well as birds.

In an effort to promote their conservation, the cash starved wildlife department had two years ago come up with a novel idea by putting up these animals for adoption.

The park was set up some 15 years ago on a sprawling 90-hectare area, located at over 9,000 feet above sea level.

‘So far 34 animals have been adopted and these include a snow leopard, seven ghoral deer, four brown bears and several kinds of Himalayan pheasants including cheer, wild fowl, silver pheasant, khaleej and the colourful monal pheasant,’ said R.S. Chauhan, warden of the nature park.

‘We are still looking for foster parents for 29 animals including a snow leopard and a brown bear, three ghoral deer and many pheasants,’ he said.

Snow leopards of Ladakh, India: here.

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