Somalia: US troops keep killing civilians

This video from England is called Tony Benn speaks at Anti War Rally in Manchester (2008).

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Again: US attacks in Somalia

United States helicopters have attacked in southern Somalia, where al-Qaida terrorists are claimed to hide.

According to local leaders, over twenty people died in the attacks.

Yesterday as well, the US attacked targets in southern Somalia.

Eyewitnesses said that cost many victims.

The US attack comes after negotiations with the [Somali] Ayr clan failed.

The World Food Program had to stop its humanitarian work for refugees in southern Somalia, because of George W Bush’s offensive.

Earlier report from AFP:

Ethiopian helicopters pursuing Somali Islamists missed their target and bombed a Kenyan border post, prompting Kenyan fighter planes to rush to the area, officials said.

A top Kenyan police official, who requested to remain unnamed, told AFP that the four helicopters targeted the Somali town of Dhobley, about three kilometres (two miles) from the frontier line, only to end up dropping bombs on Kenya’s Har Har border post.

See also here.

And here.

Ethiopia gets lots of US military aid; but no aid for starving people.

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