Artist Bourcart protests against Iraq war

Iraqi child, burned during US attack on Fallujah

From Boing Boing in the USA:

Art on Iraq war: Jean-Christian Bourcart, “Collateral”

Jean-Christian Bourcart: “Collateral”, a series of projections in New York State in 2005.

From the artist’s website:

I projected photographs of mutilated and dead Iraqis on American houses, supermarkets, churches, and parking lots. I was thinking of this new generation of kids who will be traumatized for life by growing up during wartime.

It was a desperate gesture: my personal protest for the lack of interest for the non-American victims.

I found the images on the web. Some American soldiers post their own pictures on a website. They would show a cut leg with the caption: “where’s da rest of my shit?” Or a blown up head with the caption: “need a hair cut.”

I could not help thinking of those images as some kind of restless ghosts that endlessly wander in the intermediate level of the web. I took care of them like a embalmer would; downloading, revamping, printing, rephotographiing, then projecting them as if I was looking for a place where they would rest in peace and at the same time haunt those who pretend not to know what was going on.

Link to Bourcart’s website.

Found on Wooster Collective: Link to post. (Thanks, Susannah Breslin)

6 thoughts on “Artist Bourcart protests against Iraq war

  1. Media Burn
    Level 2 Gallery
    Tate Modern, London
    until 18 February

    This free exhibition at the Tate Modern draws together works by eight artists with a common interest in politics, protest, the mass media and consumerism.

    Highlights include classic political photomontages from the 1970s and 1980s by Peter Kennard.

    These are showing alongside US artist Martha Rosler’s recent series of collages criticising the Iraq war, Bringing The War Home: House Beautiful (2004).

    © Copyright Socialist Worker


  2. who pretend not to know what was going on – perhaps not a lot the rest of mankind can do, I look at it as history unfold itself in front our eyes, if Iraqi themselves do not wake up then this is perhaps the death of a nation.


  3. hi im 15 and this is kinda irrelevent i just wanted to add that my school rejected my application for an anit-war, conspiracy awareness club because they said it wasnt true….but theres a christ club wtf can they prove that ?


  4. I think what you did was a great idea and it’s a shame not more people have done such things.
    People and their governments (specifically the American and British) seem to have a scewed idea about the effects of this ‘war against terrorism’.


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