Neo-Conservative Paul Wolfowitz Running World Bank

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Neo-Conservative Paul Wolfowitz To Run World Bank

Date: 3/16/05 at 11:48PM

Indymedia Bay Area (USA) reports:

Neo-Conservative Paul Wolfowitz To Run World Bank


On Wednesday March 16th, Bush nominated Paul Wolfowitz to head the World Bank.

“Paul Dundes Wolfowitz, the current Deputy Secretary of Defense (and assistant to Dick Cheney), is considered to be one of the most prominent and “hawkish” (neo-conservatives).

He is the principal author of the “Wolfowitz doctrine“, also known as the Bush doctrine.

He is a long time member of the Project for the New American Century think tank and was one of the signers of the January 26, 1998 PNAC letter sent to President Clinton.

Wolfowitz used to be US ambassador to Indonesia; then ruled by dictator General Suharto, who killed an estimated 1-2 million people.

As Tim Shorrock writes:

During the Reagan years, there was no greater champion of Suharto than Wolfowitz, whose career is a textbook example of Cold War politics that focused for nearly 50 years on the care and feeding of dictators like Suharto, Chun Doo-hwan in South Korea, and Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines.

So much for Wolfowitz’s claims of “democratizing” Iraq, the Middle East, or the world.

The Spokesman-Review writes:

Almost every rosy prediction made by the Iraq war’s architect has fallen flat. …

Wolfowitz’s high-stakes bungling and erroneous forecasts have helped sacrifice more precious commodities: thousands of lives, billions of taxpayer dollars and much of the global goodwill America enjoyed after Sept. 11. …

Blunder No. 4: Ahmed Chalabi. Wolfowitz pushed the Bush administration to position — and fund — Chalabi, an Iraqi exile, convicted embezzler and peddler of false intelligence about WMDs [and Iranian double agent], to lead the newly freed country.

And Wolfowitz’s fingerprints are all over Iraq’s new group of “benevolent rulers” known to locals as “Ahmed Chalabi and the 20 Thieves.”

It was Chalabi who famously declared that Iraqis would welcome the American invaders with sweets and flowers.

Wolfowitz echoed that, saying we would be greeted as liberators.

Instead, we got rocket-propelled grenades, roadside bombs and mutilation.

Media like The Economist refer to Wolfowitz as “the velociraptor”.

Walid Jumblatt, Lebanese opposition leader now praised as paragon of democracy by some Bush supporters, said, after rockets aimed at a Baghdad hotel, just missed Wolfowitz:

“We hope that next time the rockets will be more accurate and effective in getting rid of this virus, and his like, who wreak corruption in the Arab land of Iraq and in Palestine,” Jumblatt said.

Like a true chickenhawk, Mr Wolfowitz will now get a cushy job in banking about which he knows nothing, supposed to benefit poor people about whom he knows less than nothing, rather than go to the luxury hotel in Baghdad which was fired at during his stay, for a second time … let alone join the army in Iraq …

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8 thoughts on “Neo-Conservative Paul Wolfowitz Running World Bank

  1. Is the World Bank Still a Player?

    Political cafe
    December 9 2005
    International School for Humanities and Social Sciences
    Prins Hendrikkade 189-B, Amsterdam

    Resource speakers:
    Jun Saturay (Philippines)
    Longgena Ginting (Indonesia)

    After more than 60 years of existence the World Bank still has an enormous leverage on the economic and financial policies of countries from the Global South. Projects, promoting orthodox economic restructuring and socially and environmentally unsustainable infrastructure development still make up the biggest bulk of bank-financing.

    The price Southern countries have paid for WB interference and subtle leadership has been quite high. Some examples of countries that have been substantially affected by the WB are the Philippines and Indonesia. Facilitated by the World Bank’s “Mining Act,” the Philippine government heavily uses military force and has committed numerous human rights abuses as a means to silence opposition against mining companies.

    Why should you inform yourself about the role of the World Bank?
    For raising its funds the World Bank depends on financial markets for up to 80%. In order to gather funds for water-and land-privatization projects, oil pipe-lines or dam constructions the Bank has to have investors purchase their bonds. It is often the general public, represented by institutions such as universities, pension funds and city-halls which end up buying the risk-free World Bank Bonds. Thus it is the constituents of public institutions that can ask their university, city or pension fund to scratch WB bonds out of their investment preferences until considerable changes by the Bank have been undertaken.

    Join us for a talk and drink at 16.00 at December 9th to learn more about the struggles of campaigners from Indonesia, Philippines and other developing countries triggered by the World Bank’s orthodox economic policies. We can further discuss a number of simple but “unusual” practical solidarity actions you can undertake in the Netherlands.

    A SEED Europe: + 31 20 668 22 36, Filka Sekulova
    FOEI: + 31 20 622 13 69, Longgena Ginting SAP, ISHSS

    Read about the human rights situation in the Philippines.

    Sign the NFS petition against state-terrorism in the Philippines.


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