9 thoughts on “French voters celebrate No victory in referendum

  1. Live blogging on Luxembourg EU referendum 10 July
    Date: 6/27/05 at 8:52AM

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    Cartoon of Luxembourg trade union against Bolkestein plan to liberalize the economy of the European Union

    As we noted before:

    June 3 (Bloomberg) — Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, the current holder [now, that is Blair] of the European Union’s rotating presidency, said he’ll resign if voters in his country follow the French and Dutch in rejecting the European Union constitution in a referendum next month.

    … Luxembourg, one of the six founding members of the EU, will hold its referendum on July 10.

    Read more here.

    If Luxembourg voters will vote No, that will not just be important for Luxembourg national politics.

    It will also in effect kill the proposals for this anti-democratic, “neo-liberal” (or: neo-conservative), and militarist constitution.

    If even in a country where jobs are much more dependent on EU bureaucracy and offshore banking than anywhere else, the people vote No to the constitutional treaty, than it is dead in the water anywhere.

    On the evening (Central European time) of Sunday 10 July, here on this blog, there will be live blogging on the Luxembourg referendum results.

    If there is downtime or another problem at ModBlog, then the live blogging will be at my backup blog: here.

    Luxembourg No campaigners are here (“Leftist”); and here (“Left Liberal”).

    UPDATE: read the above on Luxembourg, with links, here.


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