Kestrel and great egrets

Peneireiro – Falco tinnunculus – Kestrel from Jose Viana on Vimeo.

Kestrel and great egrets

Date: 9/21/05 at 6:17PM

Today in the Westeinde nature reserve near Zoeterwoude.

A kestrel.

The kestrel hovers over the meadows, looking if it can find mice.

Two mute swans fly past.

Seven grey herons.

But … wait … they have three smaller, whiter relatives with them.

They are great egrets.

Here they stand between the cows and their bigger grey relatives. A rare sight in this country.

A bit further, in Stompwijk village, is an ostrich farm.

They have 11 ostriches there since 1998.

The eggs not sold for eating are sold to breeding businesses, who sell the chicks to other ostrich farms.

Later, in Weipoort: a great cormorant flies past.

In Cronesteyn park in Leiden, a pheasant.

Great egret

12 thoughts on “Kestrel and great egrets

  1. I love this picture of the Egret, may I use it in my collage art? I would be happy to give you credit for the picture & send you a copy of the finished collage.
    Than You


  2. I love the Egret photo, would you mind if I use it in a bird guide I’m creating for educational purposes? I’d give you credit for the photo of course!


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