Belgians say robin is favourite bird

This is a video of an European robin.

Translated from Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws:

Vogelbescherming Vlaanderen on 1 October last year had an election.

Until 16 November, everyone could pick his or her favourite bird from a list of twenty well-known and not so well-known European species.

The robin won clearly. The well-known songbird got 16,24% of the votes, definitely more than the kestrel (10,41%) and the green woodpecker (9,97%). …

The rest of the Top 10: goldfinch (7,23%), great spotted woodpecker (7,06%), long-eared owl (6,35%), starling (6,26%), bee-eater (6 percent), sparrowhawk (4,76%), blackbird (4,41 percent).

Most frequent garden birds in Flanders: here.

7 thoughts on “Belgians say robin is favourite bird

  1. It’s been a bird sort of week for me. I finally got around to restocking my bird feeders and have since seen dozens of goldfinches, house finches and phoebes. Went for a walk today and saw some spotted towhees. They are fairly common around here, but you don’t see them close to town. For some reason, I’ve been seeing lots of flickers and bushtits around my house. They tend to move around a lot, so it is unusual to see them several days in a row. I also spotted a woodpecker, but couldn’t ID him. I often hear a barn owl at night, but lately I’ve also heard a great horned owl. I’ve also been seeing a lot of red shouldered hawks. They’re very common, but it seems like I’m seeing more than ever. It’s also tree frog mating season, and I’m listening to thousands of them as I type.


  2. Hi Jon, thanks so much for this interesting comment! And your spotted towhee link!

    Many bird species have the same, or similar, names here in English, as species in North America; but are not the same. The “robin” here is much smaller than the North American “robin”. The goldfinches have similar sizes, but different colours, etc.

    Nice, the sound of the tree frogs. Here, in winter season (though it is much warmer this year than usually), amphibians are silent.


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