New jellyfish species discovered in Australia

This video is called Box Jellyfish – Irukandji.

From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

New stinger finds excite scientists

Three new species of marine stingers have been discovered in far north Queensland.

They were found within days of each other off beaches near Cairns and include a new type of the potentially deadly irukandji.

The other two species are harmless to people.

Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin from James Cook University says she and her team were thrilled to make the discovery.

“It’s just exciting when you discover something new, whether it’s got a big red cross through its middle, or it’s a little, tiny, tiny species or whether it’s something potentially deadly,” she said.

She says they have yet to be given official names.

“It adds to the excitement and the wonder of finding all of these new species and just a reminder of what’s out there and how much we still have yet to discover,” she said.

Monitoring wind conditions could help scientists predict where potentially fatal Irukandji jellyfish will strike next, research shows: here.

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