UK: London 7/7 bombing atrocities. Reactions


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UK: London bombing atrocities. Reactions

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Date: 7/7/05

Statement on London bombings by Fausto Bertinotti:

“What occurred in London is the atrocity of a barbarism. Peaceful people should mobilise”

Once again violence is upsetting the world.

Any place, any city, any country may become a stage for devastation and death.

Women and men of any ethnic group, any age, any social condition are seeing their innocent lives destroyed.

This is the atrocity of a barbarism. Today terrorism is upsetting London and the world.

The spiral of war and terrorism is the terrifying background — both are the enemies of humanity.

Last Saturday in Edinburgh a big white-clad march addressed poverty and war in peaceful and nonviolent language.

Now the anti-war movement should become a key player in a worldwide mobilisation against terrorism and war.

Only the people can stop this horrible violence.

Fausto Bertinotti, Chair of the European Left Party

Rome, 7 July 2005

On Dutch TV, the chair of the Union of Moroccan Mosques in The Netherlands called for massive solidarity by Muslims and non-Muslims with the London people hurt by the bombings.

According to Dutch TV news of 18 Central European Time, London police says they do not know yet who the suspects are.

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