Wales: Millionaire ‘thug’ beat homeless

John Damon GizziFrom the Google cache.

Date: 1/13/06 at 9:55PM

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The British Broadcasting Corporation reports:

Millionaire ‘thug’ beat homeless

Millionaire ‘preyed on the weak’

A “thug” and “bully” who police said preyed on vulnerable people for fun has been jailed for five and a half years at Chester Crown Court.

John Damon Gizzi, a millionaire builder from St Asaph, was caught for one attack after a listening device was installed in his Bentley.

Gizzi, 34, previously admitted two charges of grievous bodily harm and one of actual bodily harm.

He beat up two homeless people with wooden staves, the court was told.

He also admitted conspiracy to sell contraband cigarettes and customs and excise tax evasion worth up to £750,000.

Twenty two offences of mortgage fraud totalling £1.4m were also taken into consideration.

Also from the BBC:

John Damon Gizzi was a millionaire who portrayed himself as a legitimate builder and property tycoon.

Gizzi, 34, who has been jailed for five and a half years, lived in a lavish mansion near the A55 in north Wales and drove a £100,000 Bentley, had long been tormenting people in Rhyl.

Police said he was a bully preying on the weak who beat up homeless people and believed himself to be untouchable.

Detectives said he intimidated locals, ruled Rhyl and saw himself as a Mr Big.

From these articles, it looks much like the police’s description of millionaire Gizzi as a thug is correct.

Hoever, one may ask: is Mr Gizzi not an extreme example of more general tendencies in a “Thatcherist“-“Blairist“, or, more generally: a capitalist, society?

Mr Gizzi is a millionaire, apparently partly from illegal, partly from legal sources of income.

Though legal under the present system, should Gizzi’s and other builders’ legal sources of income, like building houses unaffordable to the poor, thus destroying their human right of a roof over their heads, be necessarily considered as legitimate?

A society with so much propaganda that poor and/or homeless people supposedly owe their misery to their own faults, may very well eventually breed its Gizzis.

USA: plan to drive homeless out.

US homeless: here.

Brazil: Police say security guard killed women, homeless people, and homosexuals because he ‘felt anger at everything and everyone: here.

3 thoughts on “Wales: Millionaire ‘thug’ beat homeless

  1. RE: Wales: Millionaire ‘thug’ beat homeless
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    Desnee’s Reading Room

    Date: 01/30/06 at 3:04 AM (2M4d ago)
    Each of us needs to get on our knees and pray because there but by the grace of God go I. No one knows when the mind is going to snap, or when a bad investment, or a lost job will happen how you treat the homeless today may be how someone treats you tomorrow.

    RE: Wales: Millionaire ‘thug’ beat homeless
    Posted by:

    Date: 01/30/06 at 6:17 AM (2M4d ago)
    Thanks for your comment, Desnee


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