5 thoughts on “Bush refuses Katrina help from Jamaica, Canada …

  1. What a big joke. Jamaica and Cuba offering help to the US! I can’t stop laughing. Hold it, News flash!!! Bill Gates broke his leg and he refused my help of ten dollars to pay for his hospital bill, He’s so mean! Boo, hoo, hoo. Give me a break you communist morons. What a sorry tactic and gay political bashing.

  2. Hi Jorge, the offers by Cuba and Jamaica were basically not about financial help as you suggest, but about medical and other expert help. Both islands, being in the path of many hurricanes, have much experience in what to do or not to do when disaster approaches and strikes. Katrina caused thousands of deaths in the USA, and the response by the Bush administration was terribly inadequate, as the world knows. Yes, there was plenty of money in the USA, but it was not spent on levees, disaster relief, etc., but on war in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. etc.

    Has if ever occurred to you to ask why hurricanes which kill many people in the USA, Haiti, etc. kill few if any people in Cuba? Did you read UN reports on that issue?

    The real “joke”, if there ia any joke in this tragedy, was of course George W. Bush saying “Brownie, you did a heck of a job”. As for you bringing in your anticommunism: why also on the non-communist government of Jamaica? As for you bringing in your anti gay bigotry: it has nothing to do with Katrina, so why are you not going to a therapist to cure you from it?

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