Bulgarian Opens Donkey Museum


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Bulgarian Opens Donkey Museum

Date: 9/1/05 at 8:15PM

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From Sofia news agency:

31 August 2005, Wednesday.

A small Bulgarian town is about to open a museum dedicated to donkeys, media reported Wednesday.

More than 100 donkey photographs, carriages and accessories have already been arranged at the place in Gurkovo.

But the centrepiece in the fun expo will surely be the donkey carriage race, which enjoyed notable popularity during the previous century.

Gurkovo will have the unique chance to experience the race once again on September 4.

Twenty competitors have already signed up to the donkey race, local officials have disclosed.

Domestication history of donkeys: here.

Bonaire donkeys: here.

10 thoughts on “Bulgarian Opens Donkey Museum

  1. I am very, very fond of donkeys. There is a farm near me that breeds miniature, “St Francis” donkeys. When I lived further out in the woods, one of my neighbors had a pair of little old donkeys who loved to come to their gate to be petted and fussed over. They’re so soft to touch and so sweet tempered. One of my favorite useless fantasies is trading in my car for a donkey and a little cart, so that I could do all of my traveling on foot, with my donkey to bring along everything I need. There are horses where I’m living now, but they’re not as nice as little donkeys.
    Happy New Year to you friend Kitty. The server problems at my blog are mostly cleared up, and I am starting to post a little more often. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


  2. August 06 2008 at 02:53PM Archaeologists unearth Thracian carriage

    Sofia – Bulgarian archaeologists have unearthed a fully preserved, 19-century-old horse-drawn carriage from a Thracian tomb, news reports said on Wednesday.

    The opulently decorated vehicle was found at Elchovo in south-eastern Bulgaria along with other artefacts buried 1 900 years ago with a rich Thracian nobleman. The storage tank in the coach was full of glass wine gourds and ceramic plates.

    The find, described by the Bulgarian experts as “sensational,” was the first of an entire Thracian coach. Previously, only parts had been found.

    Thracians, who developed elaborate art, populated the Balkans in an area today belonging to Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey in pre-Roman times. – Sapa-dpa



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