Dutch ice sculpture festival on Rembrandt

This video is called The Night Watch by Rembrandt van Rijn (Part I).

And here is Part II.

From the Google cache of Dear Kitty ModBlog:

11/2/05 at 11:59PM

Mood: Looking Playing: Ice, ice, baby, by Vanilla Ice

Regularly, there is a Dutch ice sculpture festival.

This year, from Saturday 17 december until Sunday 26 February, it will be in Leiden.

This time, its theme will be famous seventeenth century painter Rembrandt.

About sixty international artists will be there with 300,000 kilogram of ice and 150,000 kilogram of snow.

Their works will include Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” in ice.

That was a year ago.

If I will be able to find my report on the exhibition from then, I will post it here at Blogsome as well.

Antimilitarist sculptor Reuterswärd: here.

5 thoughts on “Dutch ice sculpture festival on Rembrandt

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