Dogs love even Hitler, George W Bush

Hitler and dog BlondiFrom the Google cache of Dear Kitty ModBlog:

Dogs love even Adolf Hitler and George W. Bush

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Date: 9/20/05 at 10:17AM

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According to Belgian daily Het Nieuwsblad:

All over Romania, there are posters, depicting nazi leader Adolf Hitler and US President George Bush.

These posters intend to encourage Romanians to adopt stray dogs.

The campaign ‘A dog loves you the way you are’ is by a Romanian animals rights’ organization.

According to them, most people know Hitler really loved dogs, and did not like cruelty against animals.

Also Bush likes animals; he owns two dogs.

”By showing that even the most despised dictators get affection from their dogs, we want to show that an animal’s love is unconditional”, the organization says.

George W Bush with dog

7 thoughts on “Dogs love even Hitler, George W Bush

  1. yaaa,
    I was just stationed in Florida(the Kitchen) where jeff Bush is a governer…
    a reality,a nightmare or a farss… the same story again..
    the dude


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