Blair attacks nature in Europe

Blair's Mega Death SauceFrom the Google cache.

2/7/05 at 7:57PM

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From BirdLife International:

UK proposes slashing funds for nature


As part of their Presidency of the European Union, the UK Government has proposed cutting 25 per cent of the ‘green’ EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) funds, in an attempt to spare the much-criticised subsidies to intensive agriculture.

However, these proposals make a mockery of the UK commitment to sustainability, BirdLife International said today, as Foreign Affairs Ministers met in Brussels to discuss the future of the EU’s Financial Perspective.

In an attempt to reach an agreement, the UK government has proposed to slash the already tiny budget for rural development: the only part of the CAP budget that supports environmentally sensitive farming in the EU.

This proposal, if accepted, would spare the lion’s share of direct subsidies that go to the biggest and most intensive farmers in the EU. …

Clairie Papazoglou, Head of EU Policy at BirdLife International said, “The Presidency’s compromise causes us a great deal of concern as funding for the environment remains unclear.

Unless the LIFE+ budget is increased from the proposed 0.2 per cent of the overall budget, some of Europe’s most precious habitats and wildlife, such [as] the Imperial Eagle and Great Bustard, face a very uncertain future.”

The only thing green on Bush and Blair is the infamous green zone in Baghdad.

More Blair, from the Google archive:

UK: Blair’s attack on civil liberties fails
Date: 11/9/05 at 8:50PM

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Tony Blair wanted to show George W. Bush he was a real poodle by having a Blairist British style version of Bush’s “Patriot Act” attacking civil liberties.

However, AFP reports today:

Blair suffers stinging defeat over anti-terror powers


LONDON – Prime Minister Tony Blair suffered his first parliamentary defeat during his eight years in power when British lawmakers voted down a core aspect of his anti-terrorist legislation.

Members of Blair’s own Labour Party joined opposition lawmakers in the House of Commons in rejecting by a margin of 31 votes a plan to allow the police to hold terror suspects for up to three months without charge.

The defeat was all the more severe as Blair had put his personal authority on the line to pull his party with him, and cited a “compelling” case made by police in the wake of the July 7 London suicide bombings.

A disappointed Blair played down suggestions by opposition leaders and others that his grip on power was slipping.

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1 thought on “Blair attacks nature in Europe

  1. In his editorial for this month’s edition of the Europe & Central Asia newsletter, Christopher Sands looks for rays of hope to brighten up ‘the bleak mid-winter’…

    In the bleak mid-winter
    Frosty wind made moan;
    Earth stood hard as iron,
    Water like a stone;
    Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
    Snow on snow,
    In the bleak mid-winter
    Long ago.

    Christina Rossetti (1872)

    Why so bleak? It was just a year ago that we celebrated throughout the BirdLife European family and with many concerned citizens that our #NatureAlert campaign to save the EU Birds & Habitat Directives (which protect our environment continent-wide) were successful – having mobilized over half a million citizens to register their enthusiasm for these essential laws with the European Commission. At the beginning of 2017, we managed to enlist over 250,000 citizens to demand a complete revision of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to deliver greener, more sustainable farming. And just this month, many folks around Europe have joined our call to the EU to ban the use of lead shot in wetlands, responsible for poisoning over a million wetland birds each year.

    These are benchmarks in the kind of broad citizen involvement and mobilization that our EU leaders say are essential to the EU’s future. And of course, beyond the EU’s borders, we continue to intensify our work with partners & local communities to save such precious spots as Montenegro’s Ulcinj Salina, her wetlands and saltpans.

    So why do we feel a bit bleak as the year winds down? Well, November has unfortunately been a month “in the bleak midwinter”. From the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee failing absolutely to protect seabirds and the sea; from the Polish government’s shameless and blatant contempt for the European Court of Justice demanding a halt to their rapacious logging of the protected millennial primeval Białowieża Forest; from the Parliament’s Industry & Energy Committee caving in to the farming and forestry lobbies ensuring more devastating climate and biodiversity outcomes – and lastly, DG Agriculture’s recent CAP Communication completely ignoring citizens’ calls to reform the CAP to deliver genuinely sustainable and green farming – well, forgive us momentarily our bleak ‘esprit’.


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