USA: song New Orleans, on Katrina, by David Rovics

The Bush family and the Katrina disaster, cartoon by Steve Bell

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Date: 9/6/05 at 3:16PM

Mood: Listening Playing: Louisiana, by Randy Newman

New Orleans

by David Rovics

Everybody knew that it could happen
The likelihood was clear
The future was coming
And now it’s here

They had to fix the levees
Because otherwise they’d break
On one side was the city
Above it was the lake

It was in the daily papers
In bold letters was the writ
What would happen
When the Big One hit

But every year they cut the funding
Just a little more
So they could give it to the Army
To fight their oil war

Read the complete lyrics, and see video: here.

‘Funding Bush’s ‘War on Terror’ has health costs’: here.

3 thoughts on “USA: song New Orleans, on Katrina, by David Rovics

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