Statue of Egyptian pharaoh Neferhotep I found

Neferhotep I

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6/4/05 at 9:47PM

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AFP reports:

Statue of Egyptian pharaoh found after nearly 3,600 years

LUXOR, Egypt – Buried for nearly 3,600 years, a rare statue of Egypt’s King Neferhotep I has been brought to light in the ruins of Thebes by a team of French archaeologists.

Officials said on Saturday that the statue was unusual in that the king is depicted holding hands with a double of himself, although the second part of the carving remains under the sand and its form has been determined by the use of imaging equipment.

Archeologists unearthed the 1.8 metre (six foot) tall statue, as they were carrying out repairs around Karnak Temple in the southern city of Luxor, Egypt’s antiquities chief Zahi Hawass told reporters.

Karnak: here.

Egyptian game senet: here.

Bus Luxor-Hurghada: here.

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