Freedom of speech of Bush opponents in danger

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This is from the Google cache.

From last year, just before George W Bush’s visit to The Netherlands then:

Freedom of speech of Bush opponents in danger

Date: 4/24/05 at 4:23PM

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From the University Environmental Platform of Maastricht, in The Netherlands:


Maastricht, April 24th 2005

Universiteit Maastricht blocks website for planning an anti-Bush demonstration

Last week, the Universiteit Maastricht (UM) blocked access to the server where the site was hosted.

This website was an initiative of the University Environmental Platform (UMPM, of Universiteit Maastricht and was hosted on part of the space provided for the UMPM site on a university server.

UMPM launched the campaign website to help in coordinating for a demonstration planned during the visit of President Bush to South-Limburg (The Netherlands) on 7-8 May.

The UMPM decided to participate in preparing for the demonstration in Maastricht on May 7th because of the drastic environmental record of the Bush administration.

The United States emits 36% of the greenhouse gases in the North but refuses to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

For an environmental group such as UMPM, this provides all the reasons to protest against Bush during his visit to South Limburg.

The University Environmental Platform is deeply upset by this decision of the Universiteit Maastricht.

The arguments of the UM behind this decision are highly questionable and this appears to be straightforward censorship.

Further, the students of the UMPM are highly disappointed by the decision of the Universiteit Maastricht which was elected the best university in the Netherlands last year.

On the one hand, the UM claims to encourage its students to become engaged citizens, but on the other, it curtails their freedom of speech.

On Friday, 22nd of April, the website was transferred to the independent and socially progressive web-hosting service, the Antenna foundation. The site now runs on 100% green electricity.

Action committee Bush Busters, from Limburg, The Netherlands: Heerlen, 1 May 2005. This morning, the action committee Bush Busters has painted white crosses and slogans on some of the objects which George W. Bush will see 7-8 May during his visit to the Netherlands. With slogans like ‘Bush war criminal’, ‘Shame on you’ and ‘A murderer comes to town’.

Dutch peace movement after the Bush visit: here.

Freedom of speech for Bush opponent Jay Bennish in the USA in danger: here.

2 thoughts on “Freedom of speech of Bush opponents in danger

  1. Google cache, 4/29/05:

    Playing: Radio Baghdad, by Patty Smith

    Bush unwelcome in The Netherlands 7-8 May 2005

    As we noted before, there will be a big demonstration against George W. Bush’s visit to The Netherlands on 7 and 8 May, on Saturday 7 May in Amsterdam.

    There will also be demonstrations against George W. Bush and his Iraq war and other policies in the southern Dutch city of Maastricht.

    On Saturday 7 May, there will be a rally on the Plein 1992 (Centre Céramique) (so not Vrijthof as planned earlier). Everyone is invited, bringing your own anti Bush slogans.

    The rally starts at 3 pm. At 5 pm there will be a demonstration to the Landbouwbelang building. There, people can eat and there’s a public meeting.

    Members of the Limburg provincial legislature have refused offers to be guests of honour at the Bush visit, Dutch daily De Telegraaf of Saturday 30 May writes.

    Legislators J. Zuidgeest (PvdA) and H. Gubbels (GroenLinks) refused the invitation for the “disgusting Punch and Judy puppet show” because of the Iraq war and other issues.

    Mr Zuidgeest will address the Maastricht 7 May demonstration.

    Among the speakers at the Amsterdam demonstration will be:

    Azmat Begg from Britain, father of an ex-Guantanamo Bay prisoner, recently released without charge after three years as an innocent prisoner.

    Salam Ismael, an Iraqi doctor who visited Fallujah just after the US army attack and massacre of civilians there.

    Joshua Brown, an organizer of the protests against the coming G8 summit in Scotland in July.

    Dutch rapper Def P of Osdorp Posse, will sing an anti Bush song.


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