Bush’s ‘New’ Afghanistan: Woman Stoned to Death

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Bush’s “New” Afghanistan: Woman Stoned to Death Linking: 7 Comments: 8

Date: 4/24/05 at 9:10AM

Remember when George W. Bush went to war in Afghanistan, and his almost feminist sounding war propaganda then?

“Today [Afghan] women are free”, Bush says.

Well, as noted earlier, Afghan women running away from abusive husbands, in George W. Bush’s “new” Afghanistan now get even harsher prison sentences than under the Taliban regime (not mentioning the long story of US government support for the Taliban and similar groups in Afghanistan here).

Today’s news (translated from Dutch news sites; not in the US mainstream media as far as I found, and I doubt somewhat whether it will be there):

Afghan woman stoned to death for adultery

24 April 2005

FAIZABAD – This week, an Afghan woman was stoned to death in Argo district in North East Afghanistan.

Police chief Shah Jahan Noori said so on Sunday.

A district court condemned the 29 year old woman to death by stoning on Thursday.

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