Britain: Blair’s draconic punishment for pro peace people

Maya EvansThis is not from the ModBlog cache, but from today …

From London daily The Morning Star:

The price of protest

(Tuesday 26 December 2006)



MAYA EVANS speaks to the Star about her brave choice not to co-operate with the anti-democratic laws preventing protest.

When I meet Maya Anne Evans to interview her about her new book, it strikes me that this cheerful 26-year-old woman does not seem to be much of a threat to our national security.

Unfortunately, our government disagrees.

On October 25 last year, Evans was arrested under the 2005 Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) for standing outside Downing Street and reading out the names of British soldiers who have died in Iraq.

Subsequently, she became the first person to be convicted of “participating in an unauthorised demonstration” within one kilometre of Parliament.

Evans now has a criminal record and has been fined £300, which she refuses to pay.

“That’s something that I’m not going to do on principle, because, when you pay your fine, you are conceding guilt, so I’m not going to do that.

“How could it be wrong to simply read a list of names outside Downing Street?” she asks.

2 thoughts on “Britain: Blair’s draconic punishment for pro peace people

  1. From Dear Kitty ModBlog Google cache:

    England: Blair’s tan: It’s all make-up! Linking: 2 Comments: 6
    Date: 7/25/05 at 12:12AM

    Mood: Looking Playing: I am a cliché, by X-Ray Spex

    From The Pioneer:

    AP / London

    The secret of British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s famous all-year healthy glow has been revealed – he spends almost twice as much on make-up as the average British woman.

    Figures released by Downing Street in answer to a parliamentary question showed that Mr Blair spent more than 1,800 pounds on make-up and make-up artists over the past six years.

    In contrast, the average British woman spends 195 pounds a year on both make-up and skincare.

    The written answer — released quietly on Thursday, the final day of the parliamentary session before MPs begin their summer break — said that between 1999-2005, Downing Street paid out 1,050.22 pounds in cosmetics for the Prime Minister’s media appearances.

    In the past two years, a further 791.20 pounds was spent on make-up artists.

    In the run-up to the May general election, many pundits noted that Mr Blair had acquired a suspiciously orange glow.

    The Prime Minister insisted he had merely picked up a tan while sitting in his garden during the less-than-tropical month of April.

    Or maybe the orange was, apart from make-up artists all at taxpayers’ expense, from Israeli Gaza region settlers who think Ariel Sharon isn’t right wing enough; or from extreme Northern Irish Protestants …

    See also here,

    And here.


  2. RE: England: Blair’s tan: It’s all make-up!

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    Smile, Im Stalking You
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    Date: 07/25/05 at 1:09 AM

    thats where the brits tax money goes…. isnt that just dandy heh

    ~*one out, thank you for your time*~

    RE: England: Blair’s tan: It’s all make-up!
    Posted by:

    Date: 07/25/05 at 1:23 AM (3M2w ago)
    Tango-d Tony! Mmm, I did wonder about his perma-tan. There are not enough make-up artists in the world to conceal his guilt!

    ‘Nothing is ever forgotten.’

    England: Blair’s tan: It’s all make-up!
    Posted by:

    Date: 07/25/05 at 2:19 AM (3M2w ago)
    dang sister z, why did i not think to say that 😉 …lol

    RE: England: Blair’s tan: It’s all make-up!
    Posted by:

    Date: 07/25/05 at 2:27 AM (3M2w ago)
    thanks all for your points. Indeed, especially zarafa’s one is important.


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