UK: Blair invoking God for Iraq war criticized

Blair on Iraq war, cartoon by Martin Rowson

From the Google cache of Dear Kitty ModBlog:

Date: 3/3/06 at 1:32PM (1M2w ago)

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From the British Broadcasting Corporation:

PM attacked on Iraq ‘God’ remarks

Anti-war campaigners have criticised Tony Blair after he suggested his decision to go to war in Iraq would ultimately be judged by God.

The prime minister told ITV1’s Parkinson chat show: “If you believe in God (the judgement) is made by God.”

Reg Keys, whose son was killed in Iraq, said Mr Blair was “using God as a get-out for total strategic failure” and his comments were “abhorrent”.

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From the North-West Evening News (Britain):

A SOLDIER’S dad is pleading for Tony Blair to bring British troops home from Iraq.

In an emotional interview with the Evening Mail, proud father Michael Lowden asked the Prime Minister: “Would you send your sons out there?”

Lance Corporal Craig Lowden, from Parkside, Barrow, is on a six-month tour of Basra with the King’s Own Royal Border Regiment.

Blair’s reply, if any, will be: “I prefer to send my sons to work for George W Bush’s Republican party in the USA.”

Iraq war and women here.

Iraq and IMF: here.

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