Portugal, Carnation Revolution fighters die

This is a video about the 1974 revolution in Portugal.

This is from the Google cache of Dear Kitty Modblog:

Date: 6/14/05 at 1:09PM

Mood: Thinking Playing: Grandola, vila morena, by Zeca Alfonso

25 April 1974 in Portugal marked the Carnation Revolution.

Then, the people and dissident soldiers ended peacefully decades of fascist dictatorship, with its torturing PIDE/DGS secret police, and bloody wars in the African colonies.

Stopping wavering soldiers from shooting, demonstrators put carnations into their rifle butts.

By the way: without a cent of subsidy from the US National Endowment for Democracy; or from George Soros (without Portugal’s NATO membership, its dictators would never have been able to continue the colonial bloodbaths for decades).

For the first time ever, Charlie Chaplin’s 1940 film The Great Dictator, a satire on Hitler, could at last be seen in Portugal.

On 11 June 2005, Vasco Goncalves (Prime Minister 2004-2005) died.

Two days later, another resistance fighter against the dictatorship and in the Carnation Revolution, Alvaro Cunhal, died.

Words and explanation of Portugal’s famous anti fascist song “Grandola” are here.

Antonio Dias Lourenco, the legendary Portuguese communist leader and editor of the party’s paper Avante!, died on August 7 in Lisbon at the age of 95.

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