German poetess Katharina Seidel on Yugoslav war

Living shields protecting Belgrade bridge, 1999From the Google cache of Dear Kitty ModBlog:

Date: 1/1/06 at 12:50PM (1M2w ago)

Mood: Crying Playing: War, by Edwin Starr

German poetess Katharina Seidel in 2005 published her book Eines Schattens Traum, Dream of a shadow.

Some of the poems in this book have anti war subjects.

Some were written in 1991, against the Gulf war then.

The book also includes a poem on the 1999 NATO war against Yugoslavia.

It is called: Belgrad, deine Brücken.

I translated it:

Belgrade, your bridges
(during the Kosovo war)

Belgrade, I think
and lie awake,
your bridges!

I saw the faces of the living shields
in the dark, a match’s length away:
your life.
The precious, only life,
as security for the bridges.

Belgrade, I think
and do not sleep,
your bridges!
And I cry over the bridge,
the only one leading to Europe.

US artist Jasper Johns, and the 1999 anti Yugoslavia war Target symbol: here.

Yugoslav artist Marina Abramovic: here.

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