Fungi and birds of today

Common stinkhorn

Today, standing before the entrance of the nature reserve.

At the right hand side, still the old tree trunk, with chicken of the woods fungus.

White now, not orange or yellow any more.

At the left hand side, a grey heron looking for fish or other food.

Jays and ring-necked parakeets calling out.

At the other, eastern, side, common stinkhorns along the path to the water.

In the meadow, Egyptian geese.

From the same place, when Modblog was still working

11/3/05 at 4:05PM

Mood: Looking Playing: Beautiful Bird, by Travis

Today in the nature reserve.

I hear the sounds of nuthatches; so they must be there.

A kestrel.

The kestrel hovers over the meadows east of the reserve, looking if it can find mice.

Suddenly it divebombs from high in the sky to ground level.

He lands behind a dyke near a ditch.

So I can’t see whether he really caught the mouse, mole, or whatever he wanted to catch.

Behind the kestrel, lots of migratory geese grazing.

Nuthatches in Scotland here.

Blue jays in North America here.

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