Baby seals born in Dutch Wadden Sea

This video from the USA is called Female Grey Seal (Hunting Mackerel) – Saco River.

From Dutch RTV Noord:

GRONINGEN – The birth season of the grey seal in the Wadden Sea has started early this year.

Also, more baby seals get born now than in previous years.

The grey seal birth season is December and January.

Researchers of Wageningen IMARES have already counted 130 little seals.

These are more than last year at the same time.

The young seals are well adapted to the winter weather, as they are born with long white hair.

For centuries, the grey seal had not been seen in the Wadden Sea.

Since 1980, it is back, and doing well.

By now, one in three seals in the Wadden Sea is a grey seal.

The others are harbour seals; see also here.

Seals in Zealand province: here.

Stop baby seal massacre in Canada: here.

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