Bush admits he’s not winning the Iraq war

This video from the USA is about Bush’s Mission Accomplished speech.

Remember the old days when all Bush supporting pundits went ballistic all over the place when a critic of the Iraq war like US Senator Edward Kennedy dared to compare it to the Vietnam war?

Well, Bush himself did that recently.

Remember Bush cronies predicting a ‘cakewalk’ in Iraq, with Iraqis throwing flowers at US soldiers?

Remember Bush himself saying ‘Mission accomplished‘, and ‘Bring them on‘?

And how treasonous it was considered to doubt that ‘wisdom’?

Well, today, George W Bush himself has become a traitor, by that standard.

From AMERICAblog:

Bush admits U.S. is not winning in Iraq

by Joe in DC – 12/20/2006

A major admission from the man who brought us in to this war.

Four years after starting the war in Iraq, Bush decided he needed to do some learning about the quagmire.

Apparently, he’s figured out it’s not all good — and that we are not winning his war according to an interview with the Washington Post.

Throughout the interview, Bush, of course, is still spinning as much as can:

Bush and Iraq war, cartoon by Steve Bell

Reuters reports:

British Prime Minister Tony Blair was in favor of announcing a timetable to pull troops out of Iraq, but was “brainwashed” out of it by President George W. Bush, Iraq’s vice president said on Tuesday.

See also here.

Even a so far loyal ally of Bush opposes Bush’s escalation plans: here.

From the Google cache of 10/13/05:

The new animation by Mark Fiore, “Reuse, Recycle, Repeat!” has just been posted to the Internet; here.

It is about George W. Bush’s propaganda on the war in Iraq; ever since he claimed “Mission accomplished” in May 2003.

8 thoughts on “Bush admits he’s not winning the Iraq war

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    Some time between now and early February, Bush is going to ask Congress to approve between $130 to $200 billion more dollars to finance the war to add to the close to a half a trillion dollars in war funding Congress has approved in a series of votes over the past three and a half years.

    Sometime between February and May 2007, Congress will vote nay or yea to this request. This vote will be the most important war vote in Congress since a majority of both Republican and Democratic Party members of Congress voted to authorize the war in
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    The top Democratic Party leaders in Congress have already indicated that they are preparing to betray the antiwar mandate. Some members of Congress say they will support resolutions introduced in Congress that call for a phased redeployment of troops from Iraq or a time table for withdrawing most troops. But such resolutions are little more than symbolic, half- measures that won’t end the war. However, the real fight is the war funding vote and we must force Congress to vote NO.

    In the past, members of Congress who claimed to be opposed to the war have justified their votes for war funding by claiming they had to keep up the funding to “support the troops”. It’s time for us to reject all excuses and rationalizations for voting for war funding. A vote for war funding is a VOTE FOR WAR. Moreover, voting to approve more funds for war will only ensure that more U.S. troops and many more Iraqis will be killed and maimed.


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    In his famous speech declaring his opposition to the Vietnam war almost 40 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “It is disgraceful that a Congress that can vote upwards of $35 billion a year for a senseless immoral war in Vietnam cannot vote a weak $2 billion dollars to carry on our all too feeble efforts to bind up the wound of our nation’s 35 million poor. This is nothing short of a Congress engaging in political guerilla warfare against the defenseless poor of our nation…”


    As we march to end the war abroad, we must also demand an end to the war at home. We must demand an end to the raids on immigrant workers like the recent massive military raid carried out by thousands of Homeland Security/Immigration and Custom Enforcement police on mostly Latin@ workers at six Swift and Co. meat processing plants. We must demand an end to the racist police brutality and terror that recently killed 23 year-old unarmed Sean Bell in New York City and 93 year-old Kathryn Johnston in Atlanta, both of them African American.

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  2. “When war threatens humanity’s destiny, as it does today in Iraq, it is even more urgent for us to proclaim with a loud and decisive voice that peace is the only way to build a more just and caring society. Violence and arms can never solve human problems.”
    — Pope condemns Bush’s invasion of Iraq, March 22, 2003


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