NATO shooting Afghan civilians

This video says about itself:

Children are among the wounded survivors of an Afghan wedding party that officials say was bombed by U.S.warplanes.

The bride was among dozens of casualties brought to the main hospital in Kandahar city.

Survivors spoke of carnage.

[Juma Khan, Mother Wounded]:
“Some have lost their legs and some have lost their heads, about 95 people are dead and 70 more wounded. Americans did this.”

Details of the incident in Shah Wali Kot district are still emerging. Reports suggest air strikes were launched after fighting erupted between Taliban insurgents and U.S. troops close to where the evening wedding was taking place.

Most of the dead are believed to be women and children. Scores of civilians have been killed in U.S. air strikes against militants this year leading to seething resentment against the presence of foreign troops and a rift between President Hamid Karzai and his Western backers.

Associated Press reports:

December 15 2006

Seven incidents in the past month where NATO troops fired on Afghan civilians.

The information was provided by NATO’s International Security Assistance Force unless otherwise noted:

Dec. 12: A motorcyclist traveling at a high speed approached a security cordon in Kandahar city and didn’t stop after verbal warnings.

Troops fired a warning shot, which ricocheted and hit the civilian, who later died.

Dec. 3: British troops speeding away from a suicide bombing opened fire, according to witnesses.

Witnesses and doctors said one Afghan was killed and six wounded.

Nov. 30: An Afghan on a motorcycle approached a convoy in Kandahar province. Warning shots were fired and hand signals given. Troops fired, wounding the civilian.

Nov. 28: A civilian vehicle approached a joint NATO-Afghan patrol in Kandahar province. Warning shots were fired but the vehicle didn’t stop. Troops fired, killing one Afghan.

Nov. 26: A convoy in Helmand province was approached by a “suspect vehicle.” Flares and warning shots were fired but the vehicle did not stop. Troops fired, killing one Afghan.

Nov. 22: A civilian van was “driving suspiciously” near a convoy traveling between Kabul and Bagram.

Troops signaled for the van to stop and fired a number of shots. The driver lost control and crashed; one civilian was killed and four were injured.

Nov. 15: A civilian van approached a NATO patrol at high speed in Helmand province and continued after hand signals were given for it slow down. The patrol fired in self defense, killing two Afghans and injuring one.

Remember: these are only the cases which NATO itself admits.

And the versions of events given by NATO itself, which may be more favourable to itself than truthful.

It also does not cover non NATO US forces, etc.

It does not cover air force bombings.

Bagram and other torture prisons in Afghanistan: here.

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