Bridge between Denmark and Germany threatens migratory birds

Common eider duck, male

From BirdLife:

A bridge to disaster between Germany and Denmark


A proposed road bridge linking Denmark and Germany could have serious consequences for more than 90 million birds, as well as marine life like seals and porpoises, according to the German BirdLife Partner NABU, who have launched an e-petition to raise the alarm.

Conservationists are concerned about the intention of the European Union, the Kingdom of Denmark and the Federal Republic of Germany to build a huge cable-stayed bridge linking the Isle of Fehmarn (GER) and Lolland (DK) – currently linked by a ferry service – across the Fehmarnbelt.

Plans show that most of the traffic between Central Europe and Scandinavia will be routed across this bridge – but this is also an area where huge numbers of migrating birds fly from Scandanavia to the Wadden Sea and further south.

The construction will affect one of Europe´s most important bird migration routes, used by up to 90 million migratory birds annually, including almost 20,000 raptors, around 300,000 Eider ducks, 50,000 – 80,000 Brent and Barnacle geese, together with 1,000 Divers. (from a study conducted by the Ornithologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für (Ornithologist Working group) Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg (OAG)). …

The e-petition is available in various languages – click here to sign.

I still remember Fehmarn island.

While waiting for the ferry, I saw a stoat carrying away a rabbit, with gulls screaming over its head.

Spectacled Eider Losing Winter Feeding Grounds To Global Warming: here.

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