Poetry slam. Final round

Poetry poster slam from Boston, USA

On 12 December was the final round of the slam poetry tournament in the theatre.

The seven participating poets were Peter van den Berg, Alex Franken, Jet Crielaard, Leon Koek, David Troch from Belgium, Christiaan Mooiweer, and Pom Wolff.

David Boelee had also made it to the final, but was unable to come.

Media were present to record the night: the TV West program Play will broadcast their recordings on 21 December on 17:30 Central European Time.

The program wil be repeated on 19:30 that night, and in the morning and afternoon of 22 December.

It will also be on the Internet after 22 December; here.

Apart from the two TV West people, there was also a red haired, microphoned, and sound recordered lady of national radio program Spijkers met koppen.

They will broadcast on 16 December.

After that, people will be able to listen to that program here (scroll down).

Music was by the band Dominee van Zanten.

Their bass player Jaap (only band member from Leiden, the others being from Oude Wetering) also was in the jury, and read one poem not included in tonight’s slam poetry competition.

The others were two guitarists (including one vocalist) and two percussionists.

They sounded a bit like Dire Straits.

Leon Koek was the first poetry slam participant on stage.

His first poem as on a dying junkie; his third one on an egg.

Christiaan Mooiweer, though he had a cold, read poems on truth, on rituals, and on a one night stand.

David Troch’s first poem was on death.

Peter van den Berg’s poems were on slam poetry, gulls, Prime Minister Balkenende, New Guinea and xenophobic politician Wilders, and Rita Verdonk.

Then, the first music set.

Then, Alex Franken read just one, long, love poem.

Pom Wolff also read one long poem.

As last one on stage before the pause, Jet Crielaard reminded me somewhat of last year’s finalist Upperfloor: not just for both being involved in both visual arts and poetry as women of roughly the same age, but also for being about the tallest participant, with expressive delivery and good contact with the audience.

After the pause, as the poets went on stage in reverse order compared to before the pause, Jet read poems on a terrapin and on a pig.

Pom Wolff read about the Schiphol fire and war.

Alex Franken on Dutch band Golden Earring.

Peter van den Berg on poetry in villagers, and on Saddam Hussein.

David Troch read his first poem of this round, on love, with his back to the audience.

Christiaan Mooiweer read one poem, on dish washing.

Leon Koek’s poem was on toilets.

While the jury were meeting, a music set, without bass player first.

The bass player returned to playing when his work in the jury was finished.

The jury, Yvonne Ottenhof, journalist, Jaap Montagne, bass player and slam poet, and Han Ruijgrok, poet, decided that Christiaan Mooiweer had won.

The audience decided that Peter van den Berg had won.

Report by Sylvie Marie: here.

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