Japan, approval of Prime Minister Abe down

Shinzo Abe

By John Chan:

After just three months in power, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is confronting a sharp drop in his approval ratings.

Questions are already being raised in ruling circles about Abe’s ability to push ahead with the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP) agenda of militarism and free-market economic reforms.

A poll in the Asahi Shimbun showed Abe suffered a 10 percent fall in support during November.

The downward trend was particularly sharp among people in their 20s—dropping from 53 percent in early November to 42 percent.

Another major Japanese newspaper, Mainichi Daily, said Abe’s approval rating had plummetted by 14 points, from 67 percent in September when he took office.

Those who still supported Abe preferred his “youthfulness and fresh image”.

Those who disapproved, expressed their opposition to various government policies.

Militarization in Japan: here.

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