Tracking marine turtles in Vietnam

This 2014 video is called Green Turtles of the Red Sea.

From WWF:

Hanoi, Vietnam – A new satellite tracking programme to monitor green turtle populations in Vietnam has been successfully launched off the south-eastern island of Con Dao.

The satellite tracking data will provide critical information on turtle location and movement patterns.

Conservation managers can then use this information to establish marine protected areas, as well as monitor fishing activities.

“The results of the tracking project have exceeded our expectations,” said Le Xuan Ai, Director of Con Dao National Park.

To date, three of the four transmitters are fully operational.

However, one device has stopped transmitting, either due to a change in the animal’s behavior (i.e. surfacing infrequently and thus minimizing the chance of sending a signal), or a technical malfunction.

7 thoughts on “Tracking marine turtles in Vietnam

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