New marine animal species discovered in Hawaii

This 2013 video is called Hawaii Sea Creatures.

By Laura Hastings:

A recent survey conducted in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands (NWHI) Marine National Monument has uncovered a trove of new species.

Researchers working on the ‘Census of Coral Reefs’ project set out in October 2006 to explore the waters around the French Frigate Shoals, a group of atolls in the NWHI National Monument.

New species of purple sea stars, hermit crabs, sea cucumbers, reef brachiopods, coral, and sea squirts were among those documented by the team.

More marine life, in Singapore, here.

Extinct brachiopods: here.

And here.

The tiny Pacific islands nation of Kiribati declared the world’s largest marine protected area Thursday—a California-sized ocean wilderness that includes pristine reefs and eight coral atolls teeming with fish and birds. The Phoenix Islands Protected Area, or PIPA, lies about halfway between Hawaii and Fiji: here.

Kiribati, a small nation consisting of 33 Pacific island atolls, is forecast to be among the first countries swamped by rising sea levels. Nevertheless, the country recently made an astounding commitment: it closed over 150,000 square miles of its territory to fishing, an activity that accounts for nearly half the government’s tax revenue. What moved the tiny country to take this monumental action? President Anote Tong, says Kiribati (“Kir-ee-bas”) is sending a message to the world: “We need to make sacrifices to provide a future for our children and grandchildren”: here.

3 thoughts on “New marine animal species discovered in Hawaii

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    Pacific fishing interests oppose Obama’s plan to expand marine reserve (Washington Post)

    Several Nations Announce Massive Marine Reserves in the Pacific (National Geographic)

    Obama Calls For Major Expansion Of Pacific Ocean Preserve (Law

    Mr. Obama’s Ocean Monument (NYTimes)


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