Sojourner Truth added to suffragists’ monument in Washington

Sojourner Truth

From Feminist Daily News in the USA:

BREAKING NEWS: Sojourner Truth to be Added to Suffragist Statue in Congress

A bill just passed in the Senate this morning that authorizes the addition of Sojourner Truth’s image to a statue honoring suffragists in the basement of the US Capitol building.

HB 4510 had already passed in the House; with its passage in the Senate, congressional approval is complete.

Dr. C. Dolores Tucker, a lifetime champion of civil rights and women’s rights, fought tirelessly for the inclusion of Sojourner Truth in the Capitol building’s tribute to suffragists.

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From the Google cache, 10/25/05:

Today’s news: Rosa Parks, famous civil rights fighter in the United States, died at the age of 92.

All my condolences to her family, friends, and co-fighters.

In centuries to come, people will still fondly remember her name. While the names of her petty racist contemporaries will be forgotten.

On 1 Decamber 1955, Rosa Lee McCauley Parks refused to obey the racist laws of the US South: by refusing to move from the “whites only” front side of a bus.

Her courageous stand triggered a mass movement, including Dr Martin Luther King, against discrimination of Black people in the US.

It achieved many victories.

However, as hurricane Katrina and other signs show today, not final victory yet.

So, today, we still need people with the courage of Rosa Parks, to carry on her fight.

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Brazil: caatinga woodpecker, thought extinct, rediscovered

Caatinga woodpeckerFrom BirdLife:

‘Lost’ woodpecker reappears


One of Brazil’s most enigmatic birds has reappeared after an absence of 80 years.

The news of the rediscovery of Caatinga Woodpecker Celeus obrieni has delighted conservationists in the region and gives hope for other ‘lost’ birds feared extinct in South America.

Caatinga Woodpecker was found by a Brazilian ornithologist Advaldo do Prado whilst surveying in the Tocantins region of Central Brazil.

This enigmatic species had not been observed since its initial discovery in 1926.

“Rediscovering birds is what many conservationists dream about,” said Pedro Develey IBA Coordinator of SAVE Brasil (BirdLife in Brazil), “There is something truly special about finding a bird that many of us considered ‘lost’ for so long.”

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Two Red Sea fish species help each other hunting

This video is called Shark attacked and eaten by giant moray eel.

Plectropomus pessuliferus grouper

By Frans B. M. de Waal in PLoS Biology:

The article describes the astonishing discovery of coordinated hunting between groupers (Plectropomus pessuliferus) and giant moray eels (Gymnothorax javanicus) in the Red Sea.

These two species make a perfectly complementary pair.

The moray eel can enter crevices in the coral reef, whereas the grouper hunts in open waters around the reef.

Prey can escape from the grouper by hiding in a crevice and from the moray eel by leaving the reef, but prey has nowhere to go if hunted by a combination of these two predators.

The article offers a description and accompanying videos, such as the one showing a grouper and eel swimming side by side as if they are good friends on a stroll.

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4,000-years old Egyptian doctor’s mummy discovered

This is a video about Saqqara in Egypt.

Reuters reports:

Egypt finds 4,000-year-old doctor’s mummy

December 05, 2006

CAIRO – Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the funerary remains of a doctor who lived more than 4,000 years ago, including his mummy, sarcophagus and bronze surgical instruments.

The upper part of the tomb was discovered in 2000 at Saqqara, 20 km (12 miles) south of Cairo, and the sarcophagus came to light in the burial pit during cleaning work, state news agency MENA said on Tuesday, quoting Egyptian government antiquities chief Zahi Hawass.

The doctor, whose name was Qar, lived under the 6th dynasty and built his tomb near Egypt’s first pyramid. The 6th dynasty ruled from about 2350 to 2180 BC.

Hawass said the lid of the wooden sarcophagus had excellent and well-preserved decoration and the mummy itself was in ideal condition.

“The linen wrappings and the funerary drawings on the mummy are still as they were,” he said.

“The mask which covers the face of the mummy is in an amazing state of preservation in spite of slight damage in the area of the mouth.”

The tomb also had earthenware containers bearing the doctor’s name, a round limestone offering table and 22 bronze statues of gods.

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USA: Investigation Reveals Military Punishing Wounded Troops

Dick Cheney, US soldiers, and Iraq war, cartoon

From Paul Rieckhoff’s blog in the USA:

Investigation Reveals Military Punishing Wounded Troops

Soldier Tyler Jennings says that when he came home from Iraq last year, he felt so depressed and desperate that he decided to kill himself.

Late one night in the middle of May, his wife was out of town, and he felt more scared than he’d felt in gunfights in Iraq.

Jennings says he opened the window, tied a noose around his neck and started drinking, “trying to get drunk enough to either slip or just make that decision.” (NPR)

1 in 5 Iraq vets are coming home with a serious mental health problem like anxiety, depression, or PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Experts believe that over time, the number will reach almost 1 in 3.

How has the military responded to these wounded warriors?

A new investigation by National Public Radio looked at troops diagnosed with mental health disorders, and concluded that “officers at Ft. Carson punish soldiers who need help, and even kick them out of the Army.”

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