US troops kill Afghan police

This video says about itself:

Children are among the wounded survivors of an Afghan wedding party that officials say was bombed by U.S.warplanes.

The bride was among dozens of casualties brought to the main hospital in Kandahar city.

Survivors spoke of carnage.

[Juma Khan, Mother Wounded]:
“Some have lost their legs and some have lost their heads, about 95 people are dead and 70 more wounded. Americans did this.”

Details of the incident in Shah Wali Kot district are still emerging. Reports suggest air strikes were launched after fighting erupted between Taliban insurgents and U.S. troops close to where the evening wedding was taking place.

Most of the dead are believed to be women and children. Scores of civilians have been killed in U.S. air strikes against militants this year leading to seething resentment against the presence of foreign troops and a rift between President Hamid Karzai and his Western backers.

Associated Press reports:


KABUL – A U.S. troop convoy fired on policemen in waning daylight in eastern Afghanistan, killing one officer and wounding another, officials said Saturday.

A NATO spokesman said a policeman in civilian clothes touched off the incident Friday evening by firing at the convoy but an Afghan district police chief said no officers fired their weapons.

US airstrike kills Afghan civilians: here.

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