Three new mouse lemur species of Madagascar

Microcebus lehilahytsara

In this week’s Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, three new mouse lemur species of Madagascar are described.

They are Microcebus bongolavensis, Microcebus danfossi, and Microcebus lokobensis.

See also here.

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Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur (Microcebus berthae): here. And here.

The minute Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur is believed to be the world’s smallest living primate, at less than 100mm long and weighing only 30g. These tiny lemurs were only recently described as a species, in 2000. They are nimble and move quickly through the trees of Madagascar’s dry forests in search of food, from fruit and the favoured honeydew of plant hopper larvae to chameleons. Madame Berthe’s mouse lemurs have the unusual ability to lower their metabolic rate and body temperature during the cool, dry winter months which saves valuable water and energy: here.

There is also the Hairy-eared dwarf lemur.

Lemur named after Monty Python star: here.

Malagasy primates evolution here; and here.

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