Erotic art exhibition in Leiden

Art center Haagweg 4

Today was the last day of an art exhibition in Haagweg 4, a building where artists work and have exhibitions, in Leiden.

The theme of this exhibition was eroticism.

A theme approached from many different angles by the participant artists.

Maybe, eight of them being male and only one female (with three works), with male perspectives somewhat over-represented.

According to the organizer, the tone of the exhibition is somewhat tongue in cheek.

Some work was made especially for this exhibition, some was earlier.

The organizers say the participants are ‘Leiden artists’.

In the strict sense, that is not true, as participating sculptor Hans Bos is from Leiderdorp, just east of Leiden.

Bos was represented with sculptures of one meter or smaller, in various materials, including marble and alabaster.

Marjolein van Haasteren had three large acryl paintings, representing girls.

Decades ago, Ernst Kamphuis was bass player and manager of punk rock band Ivy Green.

Today, he had collages of various objects, including decades old bank notes and decades old drawings from erotic magazines.

Aart Korsuize had small laminate objects.

The big black and white photographs were by Willem Overtoom.

Michel Siebes had paintings, in mixed technique.

Merijn Tinga had ceramics.

There was also work by Vincent in ‘t Hout and Christiaan van Tol.

African American collage artists: here.

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